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Reviews For: Yaesu FT-2980r

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Base/Mobile (non hand-held)

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Review Summary For : Yaesu FT-2980r
Reviews: 32MSRP: 189.95
The improved FT-2980 now with 80 Watts of High power output! No Cooling Fan
Needed, a huge, easy-to-read display, and one-touch WIRES™ Internet Linking
Access capability are yours with the rugged new FT-2980R!
Product is in production
More Info: http://
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W0VET Rating: 2023-08-18
Pleasant surprise Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Because I wanted a tank-like 2 meter as a backup rig in the QTH or pickup truck without breaking the bank, I purchased the 2980R. I am not disappointed at all. Programming is easy peasy, speaker quality is fine (not great), and with 80 watts, I foresee loads of simplex time.
W5KVV Rating: 2023-04-02
ABSOLUTE UNIT !! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've had the 2980 since its debut in late 2016. I can tell you right now it's a tank of a radio. I'm a Kenwood guy, but this rig is one of my favorites. TX power into my service monitor is 76 watts on high power. Lower power settings are within +/- 3 watts of advertised power. Rig utilizes a Mitsubishi RA80H1415M1 power module. RX sensitivity is on par with most rigs regardless of what the factory sepcs say. My rig(s) are 12dB SINAD at .19uV & 20 dB SINAD at .22 uV. Way better than factory spec. I've had no issues with intermod or mixing with my radios.

One of my favorite rigs to demonstrate, the 2980, with proper cooling & its large heat sink is almost 100% duty cycle on TX. Example: Fellow ham KM5UQ and myself love to torture test rigs. The 2980 fitted with a 120mm muffin fan directly over the heat sink withstood 1 hour of continuous TX into my service monitor on high power and never faltered. TX power was rock solid, frequency error was rock solid, deviation was rock solid. Heat sink temp was never more than 100* at room temperature. Folks, that's impressive for any transceiver & its all thanks to the large heat sink on the 2900/2980. Yaesu knocked it out of the park with this one I assure you.

If you really want to work this rig on high power, fit a fan over the heat sink. The rig will just keep going & going & going. The best 2 meter setup I've ever had was a 2980, LMR-400 feedline & a Hustler G6-144 antenna. I can work simplex for days with this setup.

I'd give my left one for a remote control head & I'd pay double for a 70cm version.

de W5KVV
N1YFA Rating: 2023-02-14
Built like a tank Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I give this radio 5 stars. Its built like a tank and packs a punch with the power. I have mine hooked to a J-pole using LMR-400 coax. I happen to live in a hole where my location is and it actually gets out to quite a few repeaters including one 102 miles away on about 10 or 30 watts. While it says it doesn't need a fan, it wouldn't hurt to put a small fan on it as it will get pretty warm if you are talking for a bit (I use 30 watts usually). I use it mainly on simplex and I can get a good distance away. If you are looking for a base radio for analog, I highly recommend this radio.
KI5BMK Rating: 2022-11-08
Outstanding Radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Best 2meter radio that is out there...It is built extremely well, loud audio, powerful with 80 watt out and a 3 year free warranty....
KD4SRR Rating: 2022-06-03
Amazing Single Band Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Built like a tank. Had mine about 3 months.
Got an open box deal from HRO.
Easiest radio I've ever programmed. Hooked to a jpole
On the garage. Can hit repeators 100 miles away on 30 watts.
Just wish they made this same radio with dual band a a data port.
K4GTE Rating: 2022-06-01
Exceptional Bargain Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
One of the best values in amateur radio transceivers. 80 watts in a compact package. I like it so much I have two.
K4JLT Rating: 2022-05-31
Good Solid Radio Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Been using this radio for about a year or so. Have it mounted and use as my 2m base station. So far I really like it.

The unit is built solid and performs well. I'm not a electronics tech, but this radio is fairly easy to setup and operate. User manual is easy to comprehend. The transmit output wattage options are spaced nicely @ 5, 10, 30, & 80 watts. I keep it set on 5 or 10 watts when using repeaters and 30-80 watts when on simplex if needed.

If I had to find anything negative about the FT-2980R: no 70cm band. This was actually a plus for me since I do not use this band and wanted to keep it simple.

I liked this radio enough that I purchased 2 more. One installed in a ham-o-can for use outside on deck, and the other for a backup. As I was typing this I was scanning my presets and someone activated SOTA on simplex. My report was a booming 5-9! Not bad for my local terrain with a 51 mile point to point contact!
KB0QIP Rating: 2022-01-26
Works GREAT Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Just picked this up last weekend at the SLSRC Winterfest 2022. I was looking for a 2 meter rig and had made a list of which models to look for. The folks from my radio club had caravanned up and were waiting for our president to get over with the tickets. One of our guys was selling a couple extra radios he had purchased when putting in a repeater. Lo and behold it is a FT2980R new in box, never even opened. We were still in the lobby and hadn't made it to the hamfest and it was mine. Looked at my buddy who drove and said, Well Paul , you ready to go home? When we did get home I usually get a RTSystems Programing kit to work with as all these new radios need help programing the frequencies into them. Oh was I wrong there, I had it going with about 15 repeater frequencies in under 30 minutes. It was really easy. Reminded me of a Ft1802 I had a few years before. Took it out to the truck. and had it on air there in a hour or so. I was hitting repeaters 45 miles away getting full quieting reports. Simple to operate, Showed it to a friend today. New ham, never had used a mobile radio, just a handheld. He figured out h9w to put in frequencies and use it with no problems. He is now looking for one also. (loaning him my Anytone 778uv until he gets one.) This a great talking radio and simple to use. Great Job Yeasu.
KA7VCA Rating: 2021-12-22
Really great - almost blew it up Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is a 2nd radio for me. I really love the potential really high power, and that there is not a fan. This is what I was looking for to put in the Jeep. Great for long distance, and great to avoid dust. I made a mistake and hooked it up to the 12 volt output on a generator, not knowing it was a 12 volt charger not a 12 volt power supply. It did turn on and go to 23+ volts, and then it went dark. It blew a fuse, but each time I replaced the fuse, it would just blow again. I found a diode inside, D1003 that was clear was burnt and cracked. As I understand it, this is a Surge Absorber. I simply cut that out, and it's back up and running again. By cutting that out, I recognize, that I lose the last line of defense, i'll get it replaced soon.
KEOWRU Rating: 2021-11-13
well first 1 went bad quick Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
my first 2980 went bad fast. it got hot fast on 30 watts. i returned it to yaesu n was told bad mic its fixed. set it on 30 watts hot again then it quit.
i was mad so it was sold as is where is. new owner did some looking n it never had any thermal paste under the finals.
i wanted higher power for simplex so called associated radio n asked if they could check if a new 2980 had paste? they opened it n said yes visible around finals. ok i bought it. works like it should.
cheeper radio no frills and works. i got mic gain set at 2 and am told it sounds great.
i got it hooked to a gp 9 at 60 feet up plus im on the highest point in my county. it gets out great even on 30 watts.
the first 1 if yaesu service had looked it over woulda seen its problem. i cant fault the radio but i can fault yaesu service and manufacture quality control.
i suppose i shoulda fixed the first 1 but 3 year warrenty supposed to fix it