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Reviews For: Alpha Delta 4 Position Antenna Switch Delta 4

Category: Antenna Switching, Phasing, Controllers

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Review Summary For : Alpha Delta 4 Position Antenna Switch Delta 4
Reviews: 93MSRP: 79.99
Coax switch with lightning surge protection.
Product is in production
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K0SF Rating: 2021-12-19
Good Design that Suffers from Assembly Issues Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Update 19 Dec 2021: While my experiences below did occur, I have changed my opinion of the switch with the following caveats:

1.) The gas plug breakdown voltage is likely near that of running full legal power with moderate SWR (I suspect the plug is rated at 500V). Note that a 50 Ohm load with 1:1 SWR would create 388V peak at 1.5KW. Given that, those using the switch with amplifiers and moderate SWR may want to remove the gas plug.

2.) The assembly is what holds this switch back, not the design. There are a few modifications I have made to mine, to include fixes made to the damaged switches described below which are in use now 15 years later:

a.) The coax receptacles are mounted on paint: I recommend de-soldering the receptacles and scraping the paint away. I made a network analyzer 2 port sweep of the switch at VHF/UHF and the return loss (SWR) and thru loss decreased after the receptacles were re-mounted to paint-free surfaces. All switches I have owned required this modification.

b.) In all switches I have owned, stripline conductors are not mounted parallel to the ground channel. While scraping paint, one may as well re-align the conductors. Similarly, the 2 port characteristics revealed improved UHF performance by proper alignment of the conductors.

c.) The lift bar may not pick up properly, or not evenly from left to right, especially in the 4 position switch. It is fairly easy to re-adjust the contact bar by hand. Take care to make small adjustments. Clean the contact bar with Isopropyl alcohol to ensure the contacts are clean; some crud collected on a clean paper towel when I cleaned mine.

d.) The nylon fasteners may need to be re-secured or replaced. New fasteners can be purchased at a local home store.

e.) When re-soldering the receptacles, insert a mating coax plug so that the receptacle's center contact doesn't drift. To limit heat and dwell time, I use an aggressive water wash flux on the stripline contactor and receptacle pin, followed by washing.

This may seem like an inordinate amount of effort, but despite my 2005 experiences I decided to give this switch a second chance and they are working perfectly. I run them with my Collins 20V-3 broadcast transmitter and have made 5 minute long "buzzard" transmissions without issue.

A good design that just needs some assembly improvements.

***** Older 2005 Review *****

I had two problems with this switch: one of the contacts from almost day one went intermittant.

Another problem: The gas plug discharged running a KW on 15m. The SWR was 1.3:1, and I am running a QRO HF2500DX. Because the gas discharge assembly fired and shorted, it took the 9914 coaxial jumper with it (completely melted) and the common SO-239 connector on the switch melted also. Luckily, the QRO HF2500DX survived.

Note that I have had the same explosion scenario on 10 and 15m using their 2 position switch (see that review).
N5LB Rating: 2021-12-14
Alpha Delta - Good Switch Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Good switch, solid, reliable switching and good isolation. I'm using two four position switches and will probably add another.

I sold the other 1x6 and 2x6 switches and standardized on AD4's.

These have better isolation and fit into my station redesign.
VE7REN Rating: 2021-12-14
VERY NICE,GOOD INDENT AND SEPERATION! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
UPDATE DEC 2021-have had no issues with the switch, it is built quite well .highly recomend

NOV 2019-bought this switch to allow me to use 4 radios,to one antenna.. awesome configuration,build. ive had other brand switches,from el cheapos,to daiwa,mfj,etc.. this one works for me. no bleed over,great indentation from one position to the other,and the craftmanship seems slick.. time will tell,but if it works as good as this,...which is better then my others,then it will serve me my lifetime.. ide buy again..

also. may I add,that the only switch that I feel is in the same class as this is the diamond brand. I used them before this,and they feel a bit better built,but they do not offer the 4 position...
W4KVW Rating: 2021-12-13
GREAT SWITCH Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
UPDATE:Still going Strong since 2008.It's never let me down & I run a Kilowatt or more thru it most every day.I can't ask for more so I'm still keeping it for as long as I'm still around.

I have had the new Alpha Delta 4 position switch about 2 weeks now & like it even MORE than the older model Alpha Delta 2 position switch that I replaced.I needed more antenna positions on my switch so the Alpha Delta 4 was my FIRST choice. The knob is more solid on the new model than on the older model 2 position I replaced.UNLESS I get a direct lightning strike this one should last me for the rest of my life.Thanks Alpha Delta for another GREAT product!Built like a TANK. }:>)
W4ABF Rating: 2021-12-13
It's OK... Time Owned: more than 12 months.
It works - switches between my amps as advertised. I allow my antenna tuner select the proper antenna. You may have to enlarge the hole for the grounding connector. Seems well built - I regularly put legal limit through it. I noticed in some other reviews that sometimes this switch will fail under high power. Time will tell but I haven't experienced this.
WA7JFO Rating: 2021-09-10
Separation Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
It functions well for my main purpose, which is to go between my vertical and horizontal systems. I can’t complain about the 2 extra connections, although I only use 2 of the 4. I like that the wall unit is made with a connection that can be attached to an RF ground, which serves as my main ground.
NJ8M Rating: 2021-06-24
RTFM about these switches! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I use these switches extensively in my shack. I use them to ground the antennas with the center position and also depend on them for lightning surge protection. Additionally, I use the Alpha Delta surge protectors in the Hoffman box out door access point for the coax to the antennas. Each of these products us a Gas Discharge Tube, GDT. Many of the complaints from these switches come from users not knowing the theory and application of the GDT. They are not to be used with high SWR. No higher than 3:1 or preforably Less. Because high SWR produces High Voltages on coax the break over voltage of the GDT will fire because it thinks it is a Lightning Surge. This is most often seen when running high power. Resonant antennas are not a problem but don't think you can cut an antenna for CW on 160 or 80 and then go to the top of the band and run 1500 watts with a tuner through them because you are asking for trouble.

Alpha Delta uses a GDT in their antenna center feed points. If you plan on running a tuner with any of their antennas because on 80 and 160 they are narrow banded, you should seriously remove the GDT from the center feed point insulator. It requires about 5 minutes and it will save you hours of headache if you are running power.

I have never had a single problem with any Alpha Delta Switch when running resonant antennas at full legal limit. Unfortunately, I do not believe this is covered in any part of the exams to get your license to operate.

73, Morgan Bailey NJ8M
VE4AMN Rating: 2021-05-14
Robust and durable Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Two versions exist - one that sits on the desk and one that bolts to the wall. I have the latter. It is robust and served me well for 10 years. One of the mounting holes has an area etched around it; clearly to accept a ground lug.
K1YPB Rating: 2021-02-28
Works as specified Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I needed a high quality antenna switch for my 2 meter system. This switch offers 50 dB isolation between channels on 2 meters. This switch delivers. When the switch is off-selected, you cannot hear any evidence of signal on any of the un- selected channels. The switch appears to be well made, and feels very high quality when moved through the switch positions. It has a mil-spec feel to it. I am thinking about getting another one for my HF switching. This is a quality product.
Updated review... I have been using these switches now going on 10 years with no incidents to the contrary. I don’t understand the negative review. These are quality made switches, rugged and very very durable. I added another one recently and have found no change in their high quality and durability. They look good, feel good, switch smoothly with a distinct decent. If you need a switch, these are the best out there. Buy with confidence.
W4HWD Rating: 2021-02-28
A good switch Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I wanted an MFJ-2704 to replace my MFJ-2702, but they were back ordered. Called HRO after two months of waiting for the MFJ switch and it was suggested to me that I go with the Alpha-Delta 4 position switch instead. I was a little wary of it after reading reviews, but went ahead and got one anyway. When it arrived I opened it and saw nothing suspect or defective. Mechanically and electrically it looked fine. I've had it now 4 months, running 500w through it daily and I have had no problems or "surprises". My antennas are not a perfect match everywhere I use them, but are better than 3:1 (high and low impedance) in any case. I only use this switch on bands below 30 MHz if that matters and since I don't have a legal-limit amplifier, 500w is the most I run.