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What do eHam users think about the new Web Page “look”? Details please!5012019-10-25
Contest Season is upon us. Are you planning to operate any of them ? Tell us what you'll focus on. 3162019-10-13
Where do you do most of your operating? 5582019-09-16
Using what kind of device do you most often surf the web and visit Comment please!9072019-04-30
Regarding eHam site security - how many of you would be willing to use "two-factor authentication" (please look it up) for logging in?6132019-03-09
Have you ever stepped up to take a leadership position in your club?5362019-02-12
How many people have you personally (not via a club) Elmered into ham radio? Tell us how, in the comments.4132019-01-11
What do you see in your future as a licensed Ham Radio operator ? Please comment! 5292019-04-05
Some way to use 20-30 watts for FT8 but, how much power do you truthfully use when operating FT8?7702018-10-18
As a licensed Amateur Radio Operator, how do you feel about the possible shutdown of NIST Radio Stations WWV, WWVH and WWVB?9672018-09-06
Which of the following best describes your station - comments please!9202018-06-06
Do you use headphones in the shack at home? Comments please.9272019-07-25
FT8 is (comments please!)5042019-06-19
Why do newer hams fail to become truly active? Pick your best answer and elaborate (and remain civil please!)7782018-03-19
How low do you go? Tell us your experience with operating lower frequency bands (80M and below).6112018-01-15
For which of the following topics would you like to see a new forum category?4432018-04-19
How well do you understand HF propagation? Comments please!9292017-11-21
Do you have any ham equipment you use or used regularly in a mobile environment? Details, please!8352017-10-13
What do you like best about the programs at your local club's meetings? Please explain your choice!5122017-09-12
When you come to, what's your first stop other than the home page? Tell us why!7512017-07-22